Chef Emmanuel Stroobant

The man, the chef, the restaurateur — and his journey to culinary excellence.

Chef Emmanuel Stroobant started his career at a tender age of 16 – cleaning dishes in one of the best restaurants in Belgium. Hoping to save some money to pay his way through university, Stroobant’s first ambition was to be a lawyer. Whilst finishing high school and juggling between his night job, Stroobant took a liking to his working environment, and before long he was on his way to peeling, chopping vegetables and making salads!

At 18, Stroobant well and truly decided to take the culinary path and for 4 years, he was trained in several Michelin starred restaurants in Belgium. At age 23, he opened his first restaurant in his hometown, Liege.

After the overnight success and three summers, Stroobant continued his culinary journey in Australia. In 1997, Stroobant moved to Kuala Lumpur where he experienced the local scene and culture. Finally in 1999, Chef settled down in Singapore with his wife and founded Saint Pierre in December 2000.


Emmanuel Stroobant’s philosophy shines through in his utmost respect for wholesome produce and organic ingredients of only the highest quality.

His definition of perfection lies in executing simple creations where natural flavours from the produce are given precedence. Thus, Stroobant strives to use only a maximum of five flavours and elements in his culinary creations at his flagship restaurant, Saint Pierre.

With his passionate approach to fresh produce, Stroobant is also an advocate of healthy eating and living, especially in the inculcation of good eating habits amongst the young. Stroobant is also a vegetarian by choice and an avid yoga practitioner.


In line with Stroobant’s food and healthy eating philosophy, the Emmanuel Stroobant Group has grown from a stand-alone French restaurant in 2000, to a corporation of 5 restaurants and lifestyle brands, namely Saint Pierre, Shoukouwa, Rocks Urban Grill + Bar and Sque Rotisserie/Kitchen & Alehouse.

Chef Emmanuel Stroobant

Chef Emmanuel Stroobant

Previously appointed as the preferred service partner of Stamford American International School (SAIS), Stroobant believes in instilling healthy eating habits to the young generation. He strongly promotes the importance of consuming healthy meals so that youth of today develop food habits that give rise to good health.

Chef Emmanuel Stroobant also provides consultancy services to assist individuals and companies with creative food & beverage concepts, as well as food styling and menu creation services.


Emmanuel Stroobant is a Grand Chef of Relais & Châteaux, an association of luxury hotels and restaurants. His modern French restaurant, Saint Pierre, became a member of Relais & Châteaux in 2008. During his early years working in Kuala Lumpur, Stroobant received the ‘Best Expatriate Chef 1999’ by World Asia Media. In the years leading up to today, Stroobant’s flagship restaurant also clinched several awards such as Wine and Dine ‘Best New Restaurant 2002’, ‘Most Innovative Menu 2002, 2004 and 2007’, ‘World Gourmet Summit – Award of Excellence’, ‘Best New Restaurant 2002 and 2003’, ‘Chef of the Year 2002 and 2006’ and ‘Restaurant of the Year 2007’.

Stroobant is an author of two cookbooks: Cuisine Unplugged and Vine Dining White. The latter won the Gourmand World Media Award for ‘Best in the World Matching Food and Wine’. He is also an Asian Food Channel celebrity chef with his own television series titled, Chef in Black and subsequently Chef in Black II.